Retrieving Logs

Many apps will create logs for various types of errors with additional information that a developer can use to locate the source of the issue. Including those logs in your issue reports when you experience a problem can help solve the problem faster.

To view existing logs from all your applications you can use journalctl``

By default, debug messages are not shown since they can be quite noisy in normal usage. To see debug logs, start the app from Terminal using the environmental variable G_MESSAGES_DEBUG

G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all com.github.myteam.myapp

If the app in question is a Flatpak app, like the apps available from AppCenter, you'll need to start the app with flatpak run as well:

G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all flatpak run com.github.myteam.myapp

Now that logs are being printed to Terminal, reproduce the issue you're experiencing then copy and paste the Terminal output to the bottom of your issue report.

For information on creating logs in your app, see the developer guide

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