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Creating Feature Requests

elementary uses GitHub Issues both for reporting problems and for tracking feature requests. In addition to what's been mentioned in Reporting Issues, keep in mind the following tips when creating new feature requests:

Describe The Problem

It's often tempting when creating a feature request to only describe the proposed solution, but don't forget to fully describe the problem that your proposal is meant to solve. Describing the problem is an essential step to ensure that a proposed design meets its goals.
If you're having trouble describing the problem in a concise way or it involves a larger design change rather than a single new feature, consider starting a discussion instead

Include Mockups or Prior Art

If you can, include a mockup or a sketch of what your proposed new feature would look like. Or, if there's another project that implements this feature, include screenshots or links to that project.

Consider Alternatives

If there could be alternative solutions to your intial problem, describe them and their merits. A developer may decide that a certain specific feature request is out of scope for a project or conflicts with its other design goals, but if you include alternative solutions one of those may work better and be accepted as a solution.